About Jason

Professional Tennis Player from Los Angeles

Taiwanese American

uMichigan Graduate

Vega Ambassador


– JJ


21 thoughts on “About Jason

  1. Best of luck to u as u embark on your professional tennis career! I am a big fan of U of M tennis and have played in usta tournaments at the Varsity Tennis Center as a ntrp player. All the best!
    -Alex Gonzales

  2. does the USTA not offer you any support being an American? can they not help you get some wildcards into challengers or ATP?

    • The USTA has not helped me in my professional career yet. They seldom helped as a junior growing up. It would definitely help to get a few Wildcards into challengers. But unfortunately, I have to manage on my own.

      – Jason

      • Good luck with your pro career. Hopefully I can see you play at the US Open this year in qualifying. It is enjoyable following your blog as you continue / embark on your career. Enjoy the travels and hope to see your ranking continue to rise.

  3. any chance you will be at the us open for qualifying?

  4. good luck the rest of the year. hopefully can see you play in flushing next year.

  5. i enjoy reading your blog and following the life of an asian / american trying to have a successful career on the tour. have you ever considered playing davis cup for Taiwan? i am sure that they can help you financially if you represent them. i know that cecil mamiit / eric taino got some support from the philippines when they made the transition.

    • Thanks! I have considered, but Taiwan’s tennis federation is a bit of a mess too. All the top players in Taiwan do their own thing. They don’t really train together. But that said it might be better than the US

  6. Just read Wachter’s article on Grantland about you and your journey. I wish you the best of luck and hope to watch you playing on the tour one day!

  7. Hey Jason, It’s Eric From Lakewood Tennis Center. Just wanted to say hi and i am now following your adventures out on the tour. Good Luck.

  8. when / why did you make the switch from yonex to prince racquets?

  9. Jason, as a fellow Taiwanese-American, I follow many players’ progress. I came across your name when I was tracking Lu Yen-Hsun in Memphis. Great to see more Asian representation on tour. Good luck!

  10. How did you get the Vega Ambassador endorsement and which products do you use and how do you like them?
    Best of luck!

    • Thanks!

      There’s a pilates studio I go to back home. The owners got me on Vega and helped me connect with Vega to be an Ambassador. I use all in one shake, electroytes, recovery drink, and recovery protein. I think the Vega products are amazing, you’re body feels so much cleaner as opposed to many other supplements which contains too many processed ingredients.

      Hope you have been able to try a few products!

  11. did evan king retire? i just noticed he is now a volunteer assistant coach at UM?

  12. i noticed you are now playing under the taiwan flag i saw at wimbledon qualies? what happened?

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