Hi All!

Sorry for being MIA. A lot has happened since my last tournament in September. As many of you know I had been battling a foot injury since April. The pain has been on and off. But after my tournament in Taiwan it started to get worse. Through a network of friends in Taiwan, I was recommended to get my foot looked at by a physical therapist. He took one look and said, “What is that??” He called his network of doctors to see if they could figure out a solution and treatment plan. The last doctor we met with recommended that we do immediate surgery, same day! I’m sitting there in the doctor’s office trying to think if I have time to think this surgery through. The doctor reassured me that the recovery process would be short and that the team of doctors around me would do their best to get me back on the court ASAP!





It’s been three weeks since my surgery now and I’m recovering quite fast. Can’t thank these doctors enough for helping me through this tough time. Seeing the physical therapist every day, doing my exercises, and making the most of my time off! I appreciate those who have sent me messages already; also to the new friends in Taiwan that have helped keep me company. I even experienced my first typhoon during this time off….have to admit, I was quite the wuss.



P.S. If you’re wondering why my title is “7” that was the number of my surgery gurney.



Much love!





4 thoughts on “7

  1. You never told us what actually happened with your foot!

    Glad the recovery process was relatively quick. Get back out there!

    Get well soon Jason

  2. Get well soon, Jason! I believe you can get back to court as strong as before!

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