Mental Battle

It’s been a crazy 72 hours. On Thursday I was scheduled to play my quarterfinal match in Nanchang, China. With the forecast saying rain all day. Woke up Thursday morning only to see no rain though, but cloudy. Warmed up and got loose. Ready for the match at 11am and then it began. Rain. Well, you can’t even call it rain it was misting/spitting just enough to make the lines on the court slippery. This spit was persistent. As soon as we’d finish 2-3 points we’d have to stop. My opponent and I would go back to the bench and wait 5 minutes. Go back out and play a couple more points. This happened 4-5 times. And mind you you don’t get a warm up if you’ve stopped less than 15 min. We’ve now gotten to 5-6 in the 1st set, I’m serving and the rain finally comes. We pack up and go inside.

After two hours and some not so tasty food in my body because the only available food source is at the courts we are back on the court. As soon as we arrive on the court it’s spitting once again. We do the same for the 2nd set, on and off. This time I’m able to get ahead and manage to get myself two match points on my opponent’s serve. He finds a way to save those two match points and now the rain is coming. Inches away from finishing the match and we have to stop. It was about 3pm when we stopped the second time. We waited till about 6pm and the supervisor canceled the singles matches for the day. The doubles matches that were scheduled would finish indoors. And I was in doubles as well. Finished doubles at 8pm and was back to the hotel at almost 9pm . 12 hour day!

The feeling of being so close to finishing a match and having to think about it all night and all morning is indescribable. My singles match could potentially take 3 points or 2 hours. We resumed Friday and my opponent came out firing, I lost the first 5 points. Now serving 5-3 0-40 I’m starting to really think. Somehow I manage to come back and not lose a point after that. As soon as we finished it started to rain again. Was just so relieved to finish that match. I would later lose in the semifinals, but just tough tough mentally having to deal with this situation.


I am now currently still in Nanchang, China at a hotel by the airport. Was scheduled to fly out at 8:30am this morning. Our plane left the gate, but then just stopped for 30 min. They announced that we would have to go back to the gate because of mechanical problems. Then 20 minutes later they announced that we would be delayed even longer because of the typhoon hitting Taiwan. We had to go through customs again and take a bus to an organized hotel. You hate to have days like this, but it’s definitely better to be safe than sorry. Better to take the precautions. Lives depend on it. Even though I’m complaining I’m not complaining 🙂


People getting restless waiting on the plane

People getting restless waiting on the plane



Bus ride to hotel


nice business cards upon entering the room

nice business cards upon entering the room






See you Taiwan!





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