State of Mind

It’s been quite a journey since my last post in January about my decision not to play Australian Open. About a month ago I was planning my tournament schedule for the month of March and faced a similar decision, but this time it was Indian Wells. At the time I was looking to go to China for a couple weeks as opposed to waiting to see if I would get in Indian Wells. If I went to China it meant I could get more tournaments in and potentially more matches. If I played Indian Wells it meant being able to prove myself at the bigger stage. As it turned out, many players were thinking the same thing which made China tougher than it should have been. So I decided that playing Indian Wells was the best option for me. I made it to the last round of qualifying and almost had a chance to make it to the main draw!


After Indian Wells I had to make the decision whether to go on a 3 week swing of tournaments or wait to see if I could get into another big tournament, Miami. Here I am in Mexico after a tough outing in the first round as well as Dallas the week before. There were a handful of players who decided to play in Mexico and skip Miami as well and lost first round. As players it’s so easy to think we should have gone “here” after a first round loss. But like I said before it’s impossible to know what lies ahead.

I’ve been having a tough time with losses lately while traveling by myself. After a loss you have so much “me” time and thoughts running through your mind. Sometimes having all those thoughts drives you crazy. It’s very easy to get caught in that state of mind anytime you face a minor setback or trial. We have to do our best to catch ourselves though. The journey is all about the trial and errors. Without failures we can’t improve and move forward. Sounds cliché, I know. But so true.

Belmar Family in San Luis!

Belmar Family in San Luis!

New friends! Fernando and Sofia!

New friends! Fernando and Sofia!



Time to get back on the saddle and go to work!






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