Dear 2015,

You have gone by way too fast! You let me visit five new countries. You have given me opportunities, some I took and some I missed.  You have brought me closer to friends and family. You have given me tears and tears of joy. But most important 2015 you have given my mom strength to keep fighting her battle with cancer. For that, I can’t thank you enough.



I’ve been in Singapore for the last 10 days prepping for the 2016 season. Before arriving in Singapore there was only one focus, get in incredible shape. I have to thank the coach who put the training camp together, Robert Davis for opening up my horizon. This training camp was not just about us (tennis players), it was also for Singapore tennis. With Singapore being such a developed country and with vast resources their tennis programs and players are scarce with only a few top players. This training camp was about setting a strong foundation for Singapore tennis to grow. By leading Singaporean coaches and players through high performance training.

As players we obviously try and focus on ourselves and cater to our specific goals and plans because ultimately this is a job and we have to perform in order to make a living and reach our dreams. But tennis has given us so much, well at least for me. Tennis has allowed me to go to college, build relationships, visit amazing places, and etc. It’s important to give back to the game as much as possible. And this trip to Singapore has allowed me to do that.



Got to meet some amazing people in Singapore…


umich crew!

umich crew!

Xmas dinner with Roy, Braen, and Bandit!

Xmas dinner with Roy, Braen, and Bandit!



I wanna thank everyone in my life for helping me make great memories this year! Bring it 2016!






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