It’s been quite the adventure in Japan so far. It’s my third year in a row coming here and I feel like I’ve learned so much more about the culture/lifestyle this time around. As well as my growing Japanese vocabulary list. I started in Kobe (yes! where the famous Kobe beef is from). Probably by far my favorite city in Japan so far. Kobe’s population is perfect, just the right amount of people and it’s got beautiful views of the ocean and mountains.


Kitano Starbucks

Kitano Starbucks

sewage art

sewage art

During my stay in Kobe I was lucky enough to be invited to a fancy dinner by my friend, Rose. Needless to say it was quite an experience. The dinner was a random group of 10 (all of Rose’s friends of course) all meeting for the first time. I was very surprised to see how business cards were exchanged and how valued they are. People present their business cards with two hands and a bow and when received they are laid out on the dinner table in the order you received them. It was only fitting that I didn’t have my own business cards (maybe I should make some now!).


New Friends!

New Friends!

After Kobe I traveled to Tokyo, Yokohama to be exact. Did I mention that everyone on trains are like robots…

The weather in Yokohama this past week was pretty horrendous. It rained half of the week and the only tournament on this trip in Japan that was outdoors. I managed to get a win during the week and got to spend some time with friends!



I traveled to Toyota a few days ago for my final week in Japan and  was able to pick up two wins today! Hoping to update you guys on some more good news!

Mt. Fuji on the way to Toyota!

Mt. Fuji on the way to Toyota!

Ariga Family! and JP!

Ariga Family! and JP!



Yup this really happened haha

Yup this really happened haha


and this






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