Night and Day

During my two weeks in Japan I couldn’t seem to find use in all the T-shirts I brought. Three thousand miles South, I can’t seem to keep my shirt dry for more than 10 minutes, Thailand life.

Every morning I take the tuk tuk from the apartment (Thanks Chris!) to the train station. As soon as you step foot into the train (that is if you can even set foot during morning rush hour) the smell of breakfast mixed with hair product fill the blasted air conditioned train. I’m literally shoulder to shoulder with my backpack and tennis rackets for about 6 stops. When the train reaches the “Siam” stop I can finally move my shoulders and find a seat. I then ride the train for another 7 stops. After the train ride I find a taxi to take me to the tennis courts. On a good day the taxi ride takes no more than 20 minutes. But Bangkok traffic might be from another planet. A one mile destination can easily take 30 minutes. Luckily I haven’t been hit too hard with traffic yet. Traveling to the tennis courts every morning does seem like a trek, but it’s actually really convenient. The best part of it all, $10 is all I spend. Round trip from the city to the tennis courts.



You know it’s hot when the ball kids are finding shade under the light post shadow during the match. Heat set aside, it’s been a fun first week here in Bangkok. The American dollar sure goes a long way here. I don’t have to spend more than $10/day on food, but sadly I need to spend a few extra bucks so I can be a bit more refueled for my matches. And $8/hour thai massages. Game over.

I think one of those kids stole my wrist band!

I think one of those kids stole my wrist band!

street food anyone?

street food anyone?







Week 2 here I come!








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