8,000 miles in 11 days

After my 2nd trip to Vancouver it’s safe to say I’m going to move there one of these days..




Big Thanks to Will and T for driving up from Seattle to come watch me play!

Big Thanks to the Maloneys’ for driving up from Seattle to come watch me play!

Michigan family in Vancouver!

Michigan family in Vancouver!

Can't do Vancouver without the Foster family!

Can’t do Vancouver without the Foster family!

After wrapping up with tennis in Vancouver I was planning on staying a few extra days to check out the city. But plans changed when I found out I got into the Masters in Toronto. As much as I wanted to stay in Vancouver I knew going to Toronto was going to be a great opportunity. Changing plans on such short notice can be quite stressful. From having to book last minute plane tickets, arranging airport pick-ups, and making hotel reservations. It’s definitely not easy, but that’s part of the journey right? Four hours and a 3 hour time change later I was safe and sound in Toronto. Only to have a massive thunderstorm hit that afternoon while in the car to my practice session. I was scheduled to play the next day so I decided that rest was more important than scrambling to find practice at indoor courts far from the city.

My match didn’t go as I expected to towards the end as I had chances to extend the match to a deciding set. But nevertheless, it was a great experience playing in big stage for the first time. It was awesome to get a taste of the big league life. I can definitely see myself there.


After finishing in Toronto I decided to visit my Seattle family and take a day off in the lake and think about nothing..


It was one of the best decisions I’ve made!




Next stop: ____






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