The Adventures Continue

It wouldn’t be an adventure if everything went as smooth as you wanted. The day before leaving to China I had a bit of bad luck and bad timing. I was trying out a new brand of tennis shoes. They felt great so I decided to save the new pair for my trip. For the rest of practice I wore an older pair of shoes. It wasn’t till after practice that I realized that the side of the shoe had been digging into my foot which caused my foot to swell. My flight was scheduled to leave that very night. And I thought the swelling would go down after a few days.


My initial plan was to arrive in Hong Kong with more than a few days to adjust to the brutal summer heat in Asia. The plan changed even before I arrived. As my foot was even more swollen after a 17 hour travel day. It’s amazing how we take things for granted sometimes. One simple hiccup in the shoe causes my foot to swell which causes me to sit on the sidelines for five days. I still hadn’t touched my tennis racquet since arrival in Hong Kong and before I knew it I had to leave for the tournament in China. It would have been a wise decision to withdraw from the tournament, but since the withdraw deadline had passed I had no choice.

Found these two guys at the airport

Found these two guys at the airport

Day eight since my injury and my foot was still hurting. I was starting to hit tennis balls, but was not able to move and run as I pleased. I had requested to play my first round as late as possible to give my foot a chance to heal. My request was granted. The pain was slowly going down. Enough for me to give the first round a try. Mind you, I had not been able to adjust to the heat since I arrived in Asia. The first seven games I was on the cautious side of moving around. But what I came to realize after the seven games was my stamina. I had none. I was fatigued. I pushed myself to the brink until I could not go on. Feeling disappointed in myself for not being to hang in there longer it was probably the right thing to retire though. Even if I had won the match my foot would not have been ready to go again.

A few hours after my match I decided it was best I go back to Hong Kong to get my foot checked out by the doctor just to make sure nothing major was going on. But the last thing I wanted to do that day was get in a cab for 2 hours and catch a flight after the weather had just abused me. It didn’t work out in my favor though. As the flights worked better flying out that night. I was simultaneously packing my things and going to the bathroom as something after my match hit my stomach hard (even though I hadn’t eaten anything after my match). I packed up, checked out, got in a cab, and went on my way. Thirty minutes in my legs started to cramp. I was moving all over the place trying to find the best position for my cramps to stop. Luckily the cramps stopped after 15 minutes. It seemed as if the storm had passed. I arrived at the airport only to see that my flight to Hong Kong had been delayed. With no restaurants at the airport open at 7pm and with everything in my stomach almost gone, I had no choice but to eat instant noodles. I gotta say though it tasted like the best instant noodle ever! As hectic as a day that was, my arrival to Hong Kong was smooth.

Hoping everything goes well here and I’ll be able to get out to the next tournament.






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