Where did the SUN go?

It never ceases to amaze me how different life can be by taking a plane ride, 14 hours that is. The past two days in Guangzhou, China have been nothing short of smog. It’s truly scary to see and breathe the amount of smog China holds. IMG_1835

It’s been quite a different trip already with two days in the books. With the help of Kerry and his company I have been lucky enough to participate in the biggest trade fair in the world, Canton Fair!



Everything imaginable or imaginable is being sold. From orange juice juicers to baby diaper machines, this fair has it all.



I’m glad I chose to play professional tennis, but as much as I enjoy tennis, there will come a time where my body can’t continue. I’m not sure when that will be, but I think being at events like this is great. Exposing myself to different ideas and potential opportunities for post tennis life can’t hurt. It’s been a great experience at this fair and seeing people from all over the world trying to make a living through all types of products. I will be traveling to Shenzhen tomorrow for my real job 🙂

Big thanks to my host family last week in Little Rock! Carol and John!




See you in Shenzhen!






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