Japan and Back

Made a short one week trip to Kyoto, Japan. Big thanks to Kerry for helping me experience first class life and also being in Japan with me for most of the trip. It’s always nice to have someone in your corner. I lost a close three set match in the 2nd round. Things are definitely looking up. I have played top players in my last few tournaments and have had chances to win those matches. It’s tough to swallow though when you feel like you are so close to making a breakthrough, but you come up short time and time again. I am glad though that I made the long journey for one tournament. You never know how many opportunities you’ll get so I’m taking all I can get. Hopefully one of these opportunities in the near future will propel me to climb higher.



Managed to get a little tour around Kyoto this week. For those who haven’t been to Kyoto, Japan it used to be the imperial capital of Japan.




Kyoto is also home to the Geisha culture.



Next stop: Home





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