Day of Mixed Emotions

Didn’t quite have the best start to the day. Before my warm-up I went to the physio for a quick stretch. I was lying face up on the table with my phone by my side. After finishing with the physio I went straight to the courts to warm-up. I realized after five minutes that I had left my phone on the table. I ran as fast as I could to the physio room, I took a look around and saw nothing. Five minutes! The physio said he had left the room after he stretched me so he wasn’t much help. At that point I knew there was nothing I could do.

It’s amazing how different cultures and their values can be. A few months back when I was traveling through Korea and Japan there were players who had lost their belongings whether it was a phone or a forgotten luggage on the subway. And the people there would either find the owner and return it or not touch the item. Here in Mexico and most of South America you don’t get that peace of mind. It definitely is eye-opening to see how attached we are to our phones these days though. Naked. Since the inception of smart phones I think our lives have been so much more convenient. But sometimes we get too preoccupied with our phones. At lunch, I noticed a few players eating together who were all on their phones, no one saying a word.

To end on some good news. I played well in my first round only losing two games. I am quite happy I didn’t let losing my phone interfere with my match. It would have been a nightmare if all I thought during the match was my lost phone.

I’m off tomorrow and will get back at it on Wednesday.




3 thoughts on “Day of Mixed Emotions

  1. Duude that sucks. Just landed in GZ.

    We have an extra 4s verizon phone if u want it.

    Beat that tall Indian!!


  2. No Find My IPhone activated?

    Have you tried texting them in Spanish asking nicely for it back?


  3. Sounds like you’re developing a very high level of emotional self-control!!!

    Please forgive spelling errors due to voice recognition. Sent from my iPhone


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