Bienvenidos a México

It’s Friday morning, I’m ready to embark to Mexico City. Little do I know how long of a day it’s going to be. The plane ride was actually an easy three hour non-stop. Daniel Kosakowski, Rajeev Ram, and I are sharing a private car from the hotel. Our plane arrived to Mexico City at 2pm and our driver was supposed to meet us around that time. At 3pm there is no sight of the driver. So we call the hotel and they assure us the driver is on the way. Another 20 minutes pass. All three of us take turns walking up and down the arrivals gate. Nothing. We call again and are told the driver is in traffic and should be there in 15 minutes. But at this point we are thinking we should take an alternate transport. A few minutes later we a see a large overweight man running down with a paper in his hand in what appears to have three names. This is our guy. He introduces himself as Marcos, shaking our hands while still holding the paper with our names up.

(I  was recently told that Mexico has overtaken America as the FATTEST country in the world. While waiting for our driver Marcos I went to get a bottle of water at a 7/11 right by the arrivals gate. One look at this tiny convenient store and I was not surprised. The 7/11 is no more bigger than a one toilet bathroom. Donuts take up half of the store, chips, sodas, and an array of candy make up the rest)

We follow Marcos to the parking garage. He seems flustered and out of all sorts. It seems as if he doesn’t remember where he parked. We take the elevator up to the 2nd floor, he takes a look around and tells us to wait there. Marcos gets back in the elevator and we don’t see him for 20 minutes. Finally, we are on our way. But it’s five in the afternoon in Mexico City and that can only mean one thing, traffic. I immediately regret buying the large water bottle and not going to the bathroom before leaving. After going up and down two large mountains with Marcos bobbing his head up and down to American soft rock and my bursting bladder we make it to Morelos, Mexico in just under 2 hours.

It’s almost 7pm and I haven’t eaten much since leaving the house, except for a bean burrito on the plane. Daniel and I decide to have a very short practice sessions just to get our bodies loosened up before eating. There are a few players we know who have already been at the hotel for a night. Mind you, everything is on site, hotel and tennis courts. Resort like. Getting to the city takes a 15 min taxi ride from the hotel. There are only a handful of restaurants on site. The players we know tell us the restaurant is quite expensive and that the room service menu is quite reasonable. After hitting we cannot wait to order food. I order overpriced pizza and pasta thinking that my hungry stomach will eat both. When the food arrives at our doorstep, disappointment is an understatement. The pasta is edible. But the pizza…..The bread is half baked or microwaved? The cheese looks like someone took a glue-gun and covered it up. Tomato sauce is not even visible. Daniel and I are both in disbelief. Breakfast cannot come any sooner. Luckily we came early enough to adjust and get acclimated, especially to situations like these. Also with Morelos almost being 10,000 ft above sea level I’m really happy I have those extra days before matches start.

Welcome to Mexico

Happy Greeters at the airport

Happy Greeters at the airport

The hotel happens to be very Japanese themed

The hotel happens to be very Japanese themed



Stay tuned…



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  1. Dang so sorry I missed this one.


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