About eight hours ago after Evan and I lost our semifinal doubles match to two towering giants we were both undecided on where to go next. Evan was thinking about traveling back to Ann Arbor or Chicago to rest up and train a bit. Kerry and I were thinking of going back home to LA or going to Memphis just for tourism because we have never been there and I had been playing quite a lot of tennis as of late. But 10 minutes after losing the doubles match we decided we didn’t have anything to lose if we went to Memphis to sign and play the ATP tournament. Dallas happened to be a great run and why not go to Memphis (only an hour flight from Dallas). Split decisions happen all the time on the tennis tour. One day you’re planning on going back home, but opportunities arise and present themselves so you decide to take a chance to make that last minute decision. And taking a chance may not always work out the way you want them to, but I guess if you take enough chances one of them is bound to work out. Memphis here we come!


Our very own private jet!......just kidding

Our very own private jet!……just kidding

The famous Peabody Hotel

The famous Peabody Hotel

First meal in Memphis, Ribs and Brisket. Can't get much better than that!

First meal in Memphis. Ribs and Brisket. Can’t get much better than that in the South!

Thanks again to all my Dallas people. The Zucker family and Todd Bailin! Hope to see everyone soon! But not going to miss the snow in Dallas! What a trip!







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