The Luckiest Loser

The world works in mysterious ways..

I lost in the final round of singles and doubles qualifying yesterday. Was feeling pretty down. Disappointed in my performance especially in singles, considering I felt great in my first two matches. I was very fortunate to have Michigan alum, Jeff Zucker and his family take Evan and I out to dinner and a tour of Dallas to take my mind off tennis (at least for a short while).



Later that evening I got a text from a player’s coach telling me that his player might have to retire from the tournament. So this morning I went to the tournament site to sign my name as an lucky loser (if a player withdraws from the tournament without playing his first round then the highest ranked player who lost in qualifying gets in). The deadline for “lucky loser” sign in was at 10am. And at 10:20 I got the go that I was in the main draw. Just yesterday I was down and out, literally out of the tournament and by some miracle I was given another chance to play. A few hours later I came out on top in the first round. Funny how things work out.

I couldn't stop laughing every time I looked at the scoreboard today. It doesn't happen very often your opponent's last name is your dad's first name! :)

I couldn’t stop laughing every time I looked at the scoreboard today. It doesn’t happen very often your opponent’s last name is your dad’s first name! 🙂

As if getting into the main draw as a lucky loser wasn’t “lucky” enough for one day. A few hours later I went back to the tournament site just to sign up for a practice court when the tournament supervisor flagged me down and told me Evan and I were back in the doubles draw. What!??!?! A team had pulled out of the tournament. I’m not sure what I have done recently to deserve this, but my good friend Kerry Welsh who came with me on this trip told me something the other day I will never forget. “The harder you work the luckier you get.”

Great to see Todd after 2 years!

Great to see Todd after 2 years!

Cheers to new friends!

Cheers to new friends!


Lucky for Evan and I, we will be playing each other tomorrow. Should be an interesting and exciting rest of the week!









6 thoughts on “The Luckiest Loser

  1. So Positive:) Tim wants to know if lucky is contagious? Great post! I think it’s called synchronicity.

    Sent from my iPad


  2. Just read about you and King on Grantland.
    You’ve got a fan in Italy now!
    Let’s get to Challengers guys!

  3. Jason: Terrific piece on Grantland. I write the blog/produce a podcast for Junior Tennis Champions Center, the program where Francis Tiafoe trains in Maryland. Would you be interested in either calling in to the podcast and/or writing a guest blog post every once in awhile?

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