Life is about the Journey not the Destination

The 2014 campaign started with a 2nd round singles loss and a doubles crown with the King.


Recently, there have been many tennis articles circulating about unfair prize money through the lower ranks. Articles explaining the struggles of a top 200 tennis player not making enough to earn a decent living. There was an interesting stat I saw on the 800th golf and tennis player. In 2013 the golf player earned a little over $100,000 and the tennis player earned a little over $5,000. For the local club tennis player or tennis fan they don’t know about the struggles of a professional tennis player trying to get out of the lower ranks. I’ve had a bit of mixed emotions with all these articles coming out. On the one hand, yes I am angry that the prize money at futures and challenger levels are unfairly distributed. Change is a definite must. And on the other hand reading all these articles actually makes me depressed. You take this journey/path because it’s a once in a lifetime experience, the window of opportunity only happens in your 20’s and 30’s. Once it passes it’s gone, at 40 years of age the mind might be strong enough to compete, but not the body. And when articles start talking about money you start to wonder if taking this path is worth it. You start to think about the reality of only 10% of professional tennis players making a good living.

Evan and I had the privilege of meeting and being a part of Paul Wachter upcoming article. Paul writes for the GrantLand which is an online magazine by ESPN. Paul made the trip to Sunrise, FL for the $10,000 futures event last week to get a better glimpse of life starting out on the professional tennis circuit. It was great having Paul around for the week because it’s not everyday you can tell someone other than your family and close friends what you really go through on the professional circuit. I will be sure to post the article once it comes out!


Big Thanks to the SCTA academy in Pompano Beach, FL for helping me during my stay last week!

Big Thanks to the SCTA academy in Pompano Beach, FL for helping me during my stay last week!

Next stop: Weston, FL




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