The Perfect Plan

After waiting eight long months I finally got to see the Linsanity Documentary (Jeremy Lin Story). Truly a touching and inspiring story of rags to riches. I remember when the Jeremy Lin craze began to unfold. I was six months into my professional tennis career with only three wins and three points under my belt wondering if tennis was really the right path for me. Being an Asian-American I really felt like I could relate to Jeremy Lin. And his story kept me going and kept me believing. When success happens like that we as people only see the highlights. We don’t see all the struggles. All the blood sweat and tears are hid behind success. The documentary filmed Jeremy Lin when he first started his professional basketball career, so it was very raw to see his ups and downs. And seeing him go through the struggles and almost being a day away from never playing basketball again to overwhelming success was beyond inspiring for me.

There are few things from the documentary that I really took to heart. Sometimes we want something so bad we lose sight of who we are and what we are playing for. For me, tennis starts to become unenjoyable and emotions from tennis start to trickle down to life outside of tennis. In our minds we think there is this perfect plan for us. Whether it is playing professional sports, owning a business, or wanting to get a medical degree. We strive to reach our goals, but when things don’t go our way we think the world is out to get us. There is no perfect plan, but a plan.

It’s been quite awhile since my last post in Canada. For the better part of the last three weeks I have been resting a few injuries. Injuries are always tough physically, but also mentally. Especially coming off a few good tournaments I was really eager to keep going and keep climbing. But taking time off was the right thing to do. While at home I got to catch up with my high school tennis coach, Jerry Smith. He has always been in my corner supporting me since my teenage years and for that I cannot thank you enough.



I spent a lot of time in the Pilates Studio getting some good work and strengthening my injuries. Many thanks to Jasmine Sharp and her pilates studio,



Also managed to see a glow festival in Santa Monica that only happens once a year!



I spent this past week in Austin, Texas with Evan King training and getting my body as best as possible to tournament form. Many thanks to the Patty family for putting up with me.




Next stop Houston…




It’s a long and bumpy journey and definitely not the perfect plan. But I wouldn’t trade it for something perfect, because the bumps make us stronger and they tell the best stories!








2 thoughts on “The Perfect Plan

  1. Dude you are definitely becoming a Top 200 in writing, that is.

    Seriously, you are becoming quite the wordsmith.

    Keep it coming. And VAMMOSSS!!!!

  2. You do a GREAT GREAT job with these!!!!

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