Left my skates at home

Had a pretty good first week in Canada, making it to the finals. But was thrown out of my element when the rain didn’t stop and the finals moved to indoor clay. Officials said they were going to play the match no matter what. Should I have waited? I had been waiting all day already and I just wanted to get the match going. So indoors I went. And I swear I felt like I was playing on ice, my balance was out of all sorts and just could not get my footing. But when I looked across the net my opponent seemed to be doing fine. As the match progressed I began to lose it more and more, eventually I dug myself such a big hole it was hard to even give myself a chance to come back.

Even though the last match didn’t go as well as I would have liked it to I still had a good week and will have only a day to recover for the next tournament so got to get back at it. Haven’t seen much of Toronto yet, been a tennis court to room kind of week. That’s the life! But happy to have a new group of friends in Toronto now!




Week 2 in Canada coming soon……I think I might be in the Walking Dead part 2







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