Gravelle Living

Spent the last two weeks in Jacksonville enjoying the absurdly hot and humid weather. I shouldn’t be complaining though, after all that is the best way to get in tip top shape. I couldn’t have made it through the two weeks without the hospitality of the Gravelle family. The Gravelle’s opened their home like we had known each other for years. So thank you Gravelle’s!

Missing Eric here...sorry Eric!

Missing Eric here…sorry Eric!

Aside from the training in Jacksonville I managed to find some time to go paddle boarding for the first time. I am happy to say that I have found a new hobby! As it can be pretty boring when not in training or playing matches. Recently, I have been searching high and low for things to do while on the road. Watching TV shows and reading books takes it toll. My mother convinced to pick up my Chinese again, so I’ve been listening to audio tapes. If anyone has any suggestions for things to do please let me know!!






Next stop: Toronto

Improvising the sleeper stretch

Evan King such a pro at improvising the sleeper stretch






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