After spending a short trip in Newport, Rhode Island I took a train to NYC then a bus to the Hamptons to visit the Grant family and get some good time off before the next tournament. But a tennis player’s “time off” is still filled with early morning hitting sessions and track workouts. Many thanks to the Grant family for hosting me for a few days in beautiful East Hampton.


Yesterday’s trip to Binghamton was filled with surprises. I had booked a 3 hour 45 minute bus ride from NYC to Binghamton leaving at 2:30pm. Forty-five minutes before the scheduled departure I was ready and prepared for my trip (knowing which bus stop to go to). When I hopped in the taxi and told the driver where I was going I was a bit caught off guard when he asked me which entrance I wanted to get dropped off at. So making sure I called the bus company to find the exact bus stop. The original bus stop was Port Authority, but was told over the phone to go to 28th st. The taxi cab driver thought he was in Fast in the Furious, weaving in and out of spaces you couldn’t imagine and honking the horn every second. Arriving at 28th st only to find out it was the wrong stop. Mind you this is in the scorching NY summer heat carrying around my bags. I was then told to go to 34th st. Once again hopped in the cab and found out Fast and the Furious 2 was playing. But this time the taxi driver talked to me the whole way about how much he loved tennis, in a Romanian accent. Twenty-eighth st. was no better. Found out that my initial plan to go to Port Authority bus terminal was correct. At that point it was already 2:40 pm. So after three cab rides and a mountain of sweat I had arrived at the bus stop only to see that the bus already left. Frantically trying to make arrangements for the next scheduled departure I received no help from the first two people at the ticket counter. After two phones calls to the bus company and being told that I would have to purchase another ticket I was lucky enough to have the third person at the ticket counter help me out with a new ticket at no cost.

The bus ride was as expected. Long, cramped, and horrible internet. Staring at the seat in front of you for almost four hours is definitely not my idea of fun. I did meet some people who were nice enough to give me a lift from the bus stop to the hotel in Binghamton. As stressful as yesterday was, it was quite an adventure. I guess if every travel day was smooth then you couldn’t appreciate the good ones. So cheers to adventures and long bus rides! hah








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