After my Asia trip I have been tucked away in the blistering Florida heat, training. Reminiscent of the four shower days last summer. It was definitely good to be back training with Coach Sean and Todd Martin. Big thanks to the Blackwell family and the Maymi’s for hosting me during my time in Jacksonville.

It’s actually been a very tough last couple of weeks for me. Not just physically, but mentally. As tough as sports can be you always strive to get better, but when you want something so bad you want improvements to happen in days not weeks or months. Every loss seems to be the end of the world. Then you begin to compare your progress with others and the domino effect of unhealthy thoughts start to tumble one by one. And because of this I have recently been trying to change my mindset and perspective on tennis and life. I think for too long I have been measuring my success by wins and losses. Not by growth and improvement. The result of measuring my success has caused me to be more uptight in my matches. Afraid of failing (losing). But I am beginning to learn more and more that being afraid to fail and failing just means we have room to grow and improve. And I have to stop measuring my success as wins and losses. By making this change I hope I can reach my full potential in this game of tennis. 

You can find me in beautiful Rochester, New York. Where the Lange family has been spoiling the Michigan boys rotten.



Fitting in some time for the Rochester Jazz Festival

Fitting in some time for the Rochester Jazz Festival




– JJ


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