Five set Thursdays

Woke up this morning only to see rain once again. I don’t know how my Seattle people do it. Big props.

Although the courts were wet I was one of two matches to go on first, indoors. Without touching my racquet yesterday and just a few sprints before my match I was definitely not as prepared as I wanted to be. Had trouble finding any kind of rhythm. Nothing I tried seemed to be working. In a matter of time I found myself down 3-6. My opponent seemed to lose all his energy in the 2nd set as it was extremely humid. Good for me. I took the set quickly, 6-1. After going through three shirts, two hats, and four wristbands I was ready to start the third set. I found myself at 4-2 with a break point to go up 5-2, but after a few missed shots I found myself down 4-5. Just what I needed. I did my best to regroup and took the 3rd set in a tiebreaker.

What a great way to start the day as I would have another match in less than two hours. With the amount of sweat I lost I didn’t think I would be ready for my next match. I got back to the hotel rather quickly. Did my stretches, took a shower, and got a quick bite. Luckily it started to rain again so my match was postponed a few hours. I went back indoors for my second match not sure if my body would be ready. I was proved wrong. Played lights out. Wrapped up the match with a 6-1 6-2 decision.

What a test mentally and physically this trip and today has been!! Glad to have gotten through though. Gotta rest up and get ready for tomorrow. Forecast calls for rain again 😦

Got to thank Jasmine Sharp for helping me out with the Vega products for this trip. Probably would not have gotten through today without it!


Until tomorrow…


– JJ


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