Soul in Seoul

I didn’t fare too well this week, losing first round in singles. Was definitely from a lack of preparation. But gotta learn from it and be better. I’ve got a few days to prepare my body and mind before two more tournaments in China.

My last night in Seoul was the best night in Seoul, I found soul. The one thing I look forward to the most while traveling is meeting new people who have amazing stories to tell. People who can really tell a story about their city/hometown and what it means to them. What they really like/dislike, where they came from that makes them them. A lot times you get a lot of superficial conversations with people you just meet, which is probably more normal than not. But there is that small percentage of people that really express who they are, their roots. And that inspires me the most about traveling.



Ashley Choi. Such an amazing and talented person. Manages the Justin Timberlake. So cool to get insight on the entertainment/music industry from Ashely. As glamorous as we all think entertainment can be, a lot of hard work is put in behind the scenes. Every job is just as important as the limelight person. Very similar to sports. You can have all the talent and hard work, but if you don’t have the pieces around you, the coach, trainer, managers, and etc. it’s hard to make it to the top. And I got a glimpse of that through one of the most famous Korean Artist, Jay Park.

Probably one of the most down to earth celebs I've met

Probably one of the most down to earth celebs I’ve met

After meeting Jay Park we were in for another treat. Ashley took Chris and I to meet her good friends, one who is a musician and the other a comedian. Bobby Choy and Danny Cho.



Probably one of the coolest experiences I’ve had.

Also if any of you find yourself craving Mexican food in Seoul…




I’ve made it to Hong Kong now. A lot muggier the last time I was here.






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