Working Overtime

Where to begin…

I decided that I needed some drama from the very start of the tournament. My first round consisted of playing a 15 year old Korean deaf junior. Only to be five points from elimination. I later found out that this junior was “legally deaf” I guess that means he’s not completely deaf. Anyhow, camera crews and photographers set up shop all around my court. After all this next up and coming star in Korea was playing one of the top seeds in the tournament. This junior came out firing. I didn’t feel like I was playing poorly at any means. I was just getting frustrated because the courts were chewing up the balls by the fourth game, therefore making the balls travel at an extremely slow pace. That resulted in rallies of 15 plus every point. After losing the first set, more Korean’s started to fill the stands, hoping to witness this rising star with an upset. There was no way I was making the nightly news in Korea for weeks. I quickly turned it around in the second set, setting up a deciding set. I felt like I had the momentum, but as quick as I won the second set I was down 2-4, game point for the junior in the deciding set. After having just thrown my racquet and getting a warning for it, I pulled myself together and reeled off the last four games.

As if one match containing that much drama wasn’t enough, that’s exactly what happened my second round. After being up a set and squandering a 5-3 lead in the second set, I found myself in a tiebreaker. My body was telling me it had had enough and was ready for a break (culmination of singles and doubles matches). I found myself with two match points in the tiebreaker, but decided that a third set would be great practice for my endurance…..not! It was a good thing I was in much better shape than my opponent as I quickly dismantled him 6-1 in the deciding set.

In my third round match today I was definitely not going to let me body take another beating. I was locked in and focused from the start, quickly winning the first before my opponent retired. Rest that was very much needed.

It’s been a tremendously long week already, but there’s still work to be done. What sucks is that I will be playing Daniel in the semifinals tomorrow, but we are also in the semifinals of doubles. It’s going to be an interesting day to say the very least.

The most expensive Apple in the world

The most expensive Apple in the world

Many thanks to Daniel's college friend, Sean for helping us out in Seoul

Many thanks to Daniel’s college friend, Sean for helping us out in Seoul





– JJ






One thought on “Working Overtime

  1. Wish I could see that! Love you descriptions… I can actually feel your experience! Miss you! Be we’ll and keep doing good work and gaining insight:)

    Please forgive spelling errors due to voice recognition. Sent from my iPhone

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