Gangnam Style

What an adventurous and eventful first day! Even though Korea decided to welcome us with rain (reminiscent of the Hong Kong days) in the morning, Daniel and I managed to make the most of the day.


For those of you who haven’t been to Seoul, Korea. Seoul is quite massive. The tennis courts and hotel are located on the east side of the city and we were keen to understand that this part of town doesn’t have a lot of soul. Food around our area is quite challenging, most places are really traditional eats. There’s not much around to see and the people on this side seem really down and out.


The sun decided to come out in the afternoon allowing us to get a short practice session in before it was too cold to even be out there.

This is what $5 tennis balls look like. Yikes!

This is what $5 tennis balls look like. Yikes! At least we get Roger to look at 


I think coming from America we are all curious to find out more about Gangnam and if there’s really a gangnam style. So Daniel and I decided to trek out to the city of Gangnam to find Psy. In one of the more stranger events in meeting a new friend – When Daniel and I were in Tampa training, Daniel was recommended by a Korean coach to get acupuncture. And so after a few times of going to get acupuncture he developed a new friendship with the owner of the place. The owner told Daniel to get in touch with her daughter who would be in Seoul. And that’s how we met Ryn.



Ryn was nice enough to be our tour guide in Gangnam. Showing us around and taking us to a traditional Korean restaurant. Korean’s have quite the tolerance for spicy food. Apparently that dish was half of the spice they usually put. And for those of you who haven’t seen me eat spicy foods, sweat beads on my nose don’t stop.





I’m glad we made the trip out. As we saw the real soul of Seoul. I can definitely tell you we’ll be spending more time here!

What a day!






– JJ


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