It’s been a long and grueling two weeks in California. Having to qualify to play both weeks has put a lot of strain on my body, but luckily I have been in much better shape this year and so far so good. After qualifying in both tournaments I managed to pick up some good top 300 wins. It’s been great playing higher ranked players this year, I’m already feeling more confident. Just need a couple more big wins to get far in a tournament and I think I’m there.

Before starting the pro tour I knew it wasn’t going to be easy, but I never imagined it to be this challenging. Every level you climb there is more to learn and more to accomplish. Players get tougher and more physical. Which makes you work that much harder to catch up. Along the way you get discouraged when you are stuck, but confident when you jump over hurdles. Playing tennis as a professional has probably been one of the hardest things I’ve done and am doing, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything else. And let’s face it, life is great, but without the bad times we wouldn’t know the difference.

Got to thank my parents for their hospitality these few weeks. Also the Ho family for letting me stay with them. And Kevin Masaki for helping me out during the tournaments this time around. It’s always better to win, but to have friends and family around who can enjoy it with you is even better.





– JJ


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