Mann Up

I found myself in Harlingen, Texas for my second week in South Texas. It’s quite a different world down in the south of Texas. At times I felt like I was back in the Midwest, nothing to see but grass fields. It’s hard to imagine living in such small towns like Brownsville and Harlingen. To be so closely connected to the people around town and know just about everyone. To only have so few restaurants, hotels, and shopping centers is tough for people who come from big city. I guess both have their pros and cons. I definitely enjoyed myself more in Harlingen even though my results were not as good. I met some great people. Lucky enough to have met Ivette who helped set me up with the Mann family. Probably one of the more heart-warming and laid back families I’ve stayed with on the tour so far. Not only did they let me use their golf cart to get to the tennis courts, but they had the coolest five kids. There was never a dull moment to say the very least.

From left to right:Michelle, Mckena, Jackson, Mason aka Booger, Dalton, Hayden, and Jason

The Mann Family!

I am back home now to play two tournaments in Calabasas and Costa Mesa. Always nice to have tournaments closer to home.

– JJ


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