The Walking Dead

Brownsville, Texas. aka The Walking Dead



In an effort to save money, traveling to Brownsville, Texas was a battle. Started the day off at 3:40 am to catch a 6 am flight to San Antonio with one stop in Phoenix. After arriving in Texas an hour past noon there was only a short 4 hour drive south left. But with nothing more to see than dried grass on the way that drive felt like 10 hours. All in an attempt to save a few hundred dollars. What a grind. But who would have thought I’d be in Brownsville, Texas of all places in America. Located at the very southern tip of Texas near the border of Mexico it’s safe to say that my Spanish will likely be used.

Before coming many players who have played this tournament in the past have all said their two cents about Brownsville. “It’s a dump” “The wind is beyond terrible” “It’s impossible to play there, I’m never going back!” I got to hand it to them, they have been spot on. In the short time I’ve been here it’s been exactly that. With wind gusts between 25-35 mph, playing tennis is definitely not going to be easy, but the truth is I actually like it. Gives me the chance to play really ugly tennis (don’t get to do that too often). It’s also a ghost town here. Probably not the most booming and vibrant city in Texas or maybe I haven’t given Brownsville a chance yet though. Guess that’s what this week will be for 🙂



Stay tuned…



– JJ


One thought on “The Walking Dead

  1. I think all of Texas stinks! Sounds like FL was really good to you! Thanks for keeping me in the loop!

    Wyette Donovan

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