My expectations for the day didn’t go quite as I imagined. I could not make the quick turn around as my body was noticeably fatigued in the first set. I was able to pick up my game in the 2nd set, but by the third I was feeling the legs get heavy more and more. It was not all fatigue that lost me the match, I could have been smarter in some parts of the match. It’s always hard to lose a close match because you always feel like you are leaving something on the court, unfinished business. And things you realize that you should have done after losing. Although this loss ends my tennis this trip I’m feeling good overall with the way I’ve played especially the last two weeks. It’s been quite the journey this year, many highs and lows. Experiences I will never forget. But I’m hoping to take the lessons learned from this year and utilize them as soon as the new year starts. I have five days before coming home so the real adventure will be starting now.

Best supporter of the day!

Best supporter of the day!

Ryan's first foot massage

Ryan’s first foot massage




– JJ



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