Win some Lose some

This trip seems to go by faster as each day goes by, but when at the tennis courts it feels like the first week. All that rain, all the waiting around, and the long first round matches. Woke up this morning only to see rain once again. I was scheduled to play my match second match after 10 am. And it’s very annoying to have the match delayed every hour when obviously the courts will not dry in an hour. Having to wait around at the courts all day seems almost normal now. My match did not start until 5 pm. Just as it started to get cold and windy. After jumping out to a quick start against Sekou and winning the first set I thought today I would be able to close the match out a little quicker. But knowing Sekou he was not going anywhere without a 2nd set win. The beginning of the 3rd set felt exactly like the match we played last week. I was up in the set and thought I could close it out, but Sekou proved me wrong. Three match points for Sekou and tiebreaker later I came out with a win by a hair.

In non-related tennis news, I got to meet Stephen Yeung, owner of Visual Culture Optical. It was cool to sit down and hear the vision from a guy who has changed the game of eye-wear. And it’s funny because since being here in Hong Kong, I’ve walked around a fair amount and seen so many people with fashionable eye-wear. Everyone seems to be so trendy and I just might have to get some to fit in πŸ™‚IMG_1030


3 thoughts on “Win some Lose some

  1. Great win! Mrs B and I are following your every move. Your blog is far better than any tennis blog we have seen and as you know Mrs. B is your biggest fan.

  2. Keep it up man! Keep doing big things!

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