Weekend Getaway



Spent the weekend in Clearwater Bay playing the doubles money tournament with Ryan. Chris Ho made his arrival into Hong Kong a few days before the weekend in time for being a great support for us during the tournament. Thanks Chris! As much as we tried to make this weekend relaxing it was actually tiring. Spending all day Saturday and Sunday at the courts. But seeing and being in Clearwater Bay was definitely an experience I will never forget. We were lucky to be invited to play this tournament as I would have never been able to see this part of Hong Kong.



The tournament format consisted of six teams split into two groups forming a round robin. Two winners from each group went on to the semifinals. Ryan and I have not played a third set super tiebreaker since we teamed up last month, but we managed to play four of them in two days. We advanced to the semifinal only to come up short by three points. Despite the close loss it was a fun tennis weekend. Earned enough money to help us cover our costs for most of our trip so far.



Tournament Directors

Tournament Directors

One thing we couldn’t leave out this weekend was spending time with close friends in Hong Kong. Many thanks to the Li family for supporting us throughout the weekend.



Many thanks to Auntie Tera for helping us get situated with our housing this trip.




This trip seems to be going by faster and faster. It has definitely been the most tennis I’ve played on a trip so far and also the most adventurous. I feel like I have seen all of Hong Kong now. And coming back to the city a few hours ago actually felt like home (strange feeling). It’s back to the grind again tomorrow though. Lucky for me I don’t have to play singles until Tuesday. This will be the last tournament of the year, let’s see if I can end with a bang. Funny thing is I am playing the same opponent I lost to last week. This will be extra motivation to have a strong showing this week.

See you in a few days!


– JJ


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