What a day it has been. Lost my singles match in a tough and long three-hour match. I squandered away two match points on my serve in the second set. In the past losing a match like this would have probably put me in a bad mood for days, maybe even weeks. But today felt different. I felt like I did all that I could to be in the position to win the match and my opponent came up with some gritty shots to save the match points. But, I was disappointed about my temper during the match though. I was getting frustrated because my opponent seemed to get to every ball I hit and when he hit a good shot off of my excellent shot it bothered me. I will say that these last two matches have probably been my best performance overall for the year though. I have been playing more towards what I have been working on the last couple months. I may not have won today nor was my match easy in the first round, but my game seems to be coming together. I have not been anxious, tight, or nervous in my last two matches which I am extremely happy about. I am hoping to carry this mindset next week and to the upcoming year.

Doubles did not fare too well either today. But it might be a good thing as my body needs to recover from all these long matches. Ryan and I will be in Clearwater Bay this weekend competing in the invitational doubles tournament. And singles will start again on Monday.

Hope to keep the posts rolling with adventurous pictures in the upcoming days!

Ozone bar - highest bar in the world!

Ozone bar – highest bar in the world!

Dinner with Kevin Kung and the usual suspects

Dinner with Kevin Kung and the usual suspects



– JJ




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