Ham and Cheese Croissant

Touring Hong Kong:

IMG_0956Apparently leaving at 10 am was too early.IMG_0965 (2)IMG_0962Stanley Market!IMG_0959Finally found my size 🙂IMG_0968

IMG_0974Doing my best to fit in!IMG_0978Highest mountain on Hong Kong Island, Victoria Peak.IMG_0985

It was definitely a weekend well spent and enjoyed with tennis kept to a minimum. After visiting Stanley market Ryan and I decided to take the public light bus which seats 16 passengers as opposed to 30 or more. And for 9 HK dollars we got a tour worth more than that. The ride must have took a good one hour back to the Causeway Bay, but it felt much shorter. The bus took us through and around the mountains, we got to see the many islands of Hong Kong. It was quite the adventure we had. Victoria Peak was beyond amazing. Just being up almost 2,000 ft overlooking all of Hong Kong was breathless. Ryan, Daniel, and I got there just before sunset so we got to see the best of Hong Kong in daylight and city lights. After all the sightseeing was over though I came back to the room only to realize that I was playing Daniel in my first round match. Playing friends is never easy, but once you step on that court you got to take care of business.

The one thing about traveling far to play tournaments is not knowing what to eat before the match especially when you have to wait to go on. And especially when Subway is not an option anymore. So before my match with Daniel I decided to get a ham and cheese croissant at the market, seemed harmless. And it was. But the problem was we didn’t get on court till after 12. With the battle that Daniel and I were enduring, that croissant did not last long at all. It was a very physical and close three set match which could have gone both ways, but I was lucky enough to come out on top. After finishing singles my body wished it was done. But doubles was to be played as soon as I got an hour rest. I decided to get two more ham and cheese croissants as my snack or lunch if you will considering I did not really eat lunch. Eating those croissants was the beginning of a long six hours ahead. Not only did my stomach not take it well, but during my doubles match I had to run out for a bathroom break. Luckily our doubles match was easy enough that I did not have to be on court that long. By now there was nothing left in my stomach making me more weary and tired. After getting back Ryan suggested we go to the Spaghetti House. I was a bit worried about going because of the last time we were there (exactly a week ago). The last time we went I had just finished my marathon first round and I was so hungry I ate my meat sauce pasta in 5 minutes leaving me with an upset stomach. This time around was a little different though. The first bite felt like I was finally eating an actual meal. Good thing I have tomorrow off. Rest days are beginning to be crucial now.

As for the rest of the trip I can tell you that I’m not touching Subway or ham and cheese croissants!

– JJ


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