Stop and go

Same weather different day. Oh how I love the rain during tournaments. Another tough day at the courts. First matches were supposed to start at 10 am, but got pushed back all the way to 2 pm. In between that time I went to a widely known sub shop, Subway. After finishing my meatball sub (questionable decision) my stomach started to feel slightly unpleasant. Not the feeling you want before a tennis match or let alone doing any physical activity. Good thing my stomach was somewhat manageable (no throwing up). I got on the court at 3:30 pm with clouds still hovering above us and light rain. But that did not stop us from starting the match. Although the conditions were far from perfect as well as my body, I actually felt ready to go. So was my opponent though, he won the first nine points. Deja vu. I was quick to adjust my game and shifted the momentum in my favor to bring it level to 2-2 until light rain (enough to make the lines slick) suspended play. We resumed play in less than 15 min and I guess the rule is you don’t get a warm up unless the match is suspended for more than 20 min. The delay didn’t seem to bother me as I won the first set 6-4. But the light rain decided to come back again in the 2nd game of the 2nd set. At this point restlessness and frustration could be felt throughout the whole facility. We got back on court in 10 min this time, again no warm up. This time the delay hurt my opponent as I won the set 6-2. Definitely one of the more interesting matches I’ve played. And the best news of day was finding out that our doubles was cancelled for the day, hanging around the courts another 2-3 hours would probably have made me go insane.

Forecast calls for sun tomorrow. Thinking about it brings a 🙂 I’m crossing my fingers hard for sunshine and blue skies tomorrow.

Picture of the day:

Ryan doing his best to fit in

Ryan doing his best to fit in





– JJ


One thought on “Stop and go

  1. Way to hang in to win the match! It’s good that you’re not dependent on the external conditions to do well!

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