Tough 24

It’s been a whirlwind the past 24 hours. Yesterday the first matches resumed play at 5:30 pm, leaving me to wait another hour or longer until my match. By this point I had been exhausted waiting around and figuring what to eat before my match. I decided to go with the few power bars I had left in my tennis bag. From experience, having a solid meal an hour before the match has not left me with the best results. I got on court a little past 7 pm. Ready to go I thought. But my opponent He Feng from China had other thoughts. He jumped out to win the first set 6-3. At first I wasn’t sure what hit me, I did not think I was playing that bad. I thought I had turned the corner in the second set leading 2-0 and serving 40-love only to realize in a split second that I was down 2-4 love-30 on my serve. Frustrated is an understatement in how I felt at that point. I somehow managed to get out of that game and eventually won the second set 6-4. By now my body was running on empty. I played a shaky first game on my serve, but eventually managed to out play my opponent in a tough 6-3 final set. I can say it wasn’t my best day, but I’m glad I came out of that match with a W.

I was ready to eat anything in site after the match. Ryan and I decided to try out the Spaghetti Factory. Had a standard pasta with meat sauce, but I must have finished the plate in 5 minutes. That left me thinking how I should not have eaten so quickly, knowing that my stomach would feel it soon enough. And in due time my stomach did start to hurt. When we got back to the apartment my stomach started to ache and my lower back started to spasm. Not the best combination before going to bed.

This morning my back was in no position to be playing or so I thought. But luckily as the day went on with some stretches and seeing the trainer my back started to loosen up. And by 2 pm I was ready for doubles. Ryan and I were lucky to get through our match before it started to rain again. Like I said it’s been a rough 24 hours, but glad to have gotten through in one piece.

Forecast calls for rain one more day 😦

Almost got hit by bamboos on the way to the tennis courts

Almost got hit by bamboos on the way to the tennis courts

Dinner with Brian Hung Go Blue!

Dinner with Brian Hung
Go Blue!




– JJ


2 thoughts on “Tough 24

  1. Did you get through in one piece or one peace?

    Please forgive spelling errors due to voice recognition. Sent from my iPhone

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