Had a great week in Pensacola!


I didn’t quite get the results I wanted, but I did make great friendships and a new light on life. This month actually marks my one year on the professional tennis tour. Crazy how fast time flies. I have had my fair share of struggles this past year, but I have also had my times of triumph. I knew this road wasn’t going to be easy before I started, but when adversity has knocked I have had trouble getting past it. I have searched high and low for answers in improving my game and understanding what I need best to give myself the best chance to “succeed” on this tour. Staying with the Donovan family this past week in Pensacola has given me a new outlook on life. Ever since I knew I could play tennis at an elite level I have been holding on too tight. Too worried about playing good or bad (winning or losing), too worried about what others would think about my results, and too worried about not “succeeding.” I have put in my practice hours and yes, there is still much room to grow. But it’s time I let go of the worries and let the pieces fall into place.



Donovan and Martinez family

Special thanks to the Martinez and Donovan family for making my Pensacola trip one of the best!



See you in Niceville!



– JJ




2 thoughts on “Positive!

  1. Great pictures–glad to hear that you are getting the most out of your incredible experience. Best of luck in your next tournament.

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