Had to be one of the best weekends so far this year courtesy of the McPike family. I’ve had a few weeks off now from my big trip in the Midwest. And to prepare for the Southern California futures tournaments coming up I decided to play a money tournament in Santa Maria, CA. Lost in the finals and won the doubles with childhood friend, Andy Gerst. Played a lot of matches in 3 days, my body definitely took a beating, but came back with some more money to put in my pro tour fund.

Highlight of the weekend had to be the Mcpike family though. Drove up to Santa Maria Friday afternoon with Trevor Dobson not knowing if we were going to get housing or stay in a hotel. The Mcpike’s gave us a place to stay, but little did we know what this family had in store for us. Not only was there good food throughout our stay, but laughter was non-stop. I’ll be home for a few days until the grind of five more weeks of tournaments.

See you in Claremont!


Mcpike’s! Can’t forget Nate, Suze and Trevor!




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