1st of the month

July already….

Funny how sometimes we want days to go by faster when we are bored, angry, or frustrated. And sometimes we want days to slow down when we are enjoying time with friends, on vacation, or when things just go our way. But no matter what days will pass regardless of how we feel. Recently, I have been trying to live in the moment as best as I can regardless of my emotional state.

I have officially finished week one in Spain. Exhausted is what the first week felt like. I have never been so excited to reach Friday during the week. I guess that means I’m really starting to do my job. The week has been filled with sliding around on clay for three plus hours and fitness in 34 ºC weather. It’s definitely what I came here for.

Got to venture around Valencia a bit yesterday….




– JJ


One thought on “1st of the month

  1. Jason. You are becoming a worldly dude. Congratulations. Enjoy the moment.

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