Raked in a measly $140 for the week with a loss today. Boy this is tough! I guess it’s enough to pay for the jail and a couple meals.

Tomorrow will mark day 14 in Venezuela and I have to say one thing that has been bothering me for a couple days. I’m amazed at how ignorant some of Venezuelan people can be. “Chinos” That’s the nickname I get. I guess since I don’t have white skin I can’t be an American. That’s okay though because today a joyful little girl at the tennis club proceeded to give me a bow and said “konichiwa” At that point I wasn’t really sure what to think. Didn’t know a little girl could grind my gears so well.

Enough ranting. Off to Valencia (not Spain ) on Friday.


– JJ


One thought on “$140

  1. Sounds like a stinko experience but you are picking up points a little at a time.

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