¡Qué día!

It’s been a crazy last couple of days. As rain has plagued much of the tournament so far. Didn’t get to play on Sunday because of the rain and was scheduled to play two matches yesterday. But the weather decided not to cooperate for more than half of the day. Clouds started to drift away around 6pm. Tennis courts took almost 2 hours to dry. My match was scheduled for 2nd on so another match was to play before me. Did not get on the court until 9:30. Playing with sub par lights and bugs flying all of the place. Nightmare. I was up a set and 4-3 when rain decided to visit again. Match was postponed for 8:30 this morning. By the time I got back to the hotel it was already close to midnight.

Thankful the weather was good this morning. Finished up both of my matches and am now in the main draw. Although it does look like it’s going to rain any minute.

Aside from tennis Venezuela has been a pretty good trip so far. Met some great people the other day when I was waiting for my match. I’ve been able to experience the Venezuelan culture a little better with my new friends. Definitely a very divided country in terms of politics here. The Venezuelan people will not associate with others if they do not have the same political views. But we will get into that another day.

Casa de Italia

Public courts….probably should not have played here b/c of the area it was in


new friends!



– JJ


2 thoughts on “¡Qué día!

  1. Congrats on getting into the main draw! Do work!

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