Chills go up and down my spine when I come back to Ojai, CA to play one of the oldest tournaments in America (over 100 years old).

Yup, that’s me! Representing West Torrance High School as the 2006 state champion!


It’s been an up and down past two months. Losing close matches to players ranked inside the top 500 and aggravating previous injuries, requiring me to take days off. No one said it was easy and I guess the ride wouldn’t be as rewarding if getting to the top was easy. I’m off to Venezuela on Wednesday for a few tournaments. I’m feeling a bit nervous going to Venezuela. Considering what I’ve read about travel safety….it’s not the safest country. Supposedly it’s got one of the highest per capita muder rate in the world. Not that I’ll be slumming around looking for trouble, but I’ll definitely need to keep my eyes peeled. I’ll keep my posts up and pictures coming!


See you in Venezuela!




– JJ



One thought on “Ojai

  1. Venezuela!?! jealllous..good luck bro!

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