Staying Healthy

I would say the most important part of my work is staying healthy.

I had a great first week in Monterrey, I came out with 3 ATP points and $400 dollars, but I also came out with a knee injury. It happened in the first round of the main draw, was going for a ball only to change directions in a split second. It wasn’t too bad over the next few days, but I kept playing and maybe a mistake I will not make again.

My second week in Mexico didn’t quite turn the way I envisioned it. I lost on Friday in Monterrey and had to play in Mexico City the following day. I took the 21:30 flight into Mexico City arriving at nearly midnight. Might have been a smarter decision to skip the second tournament. But I played one more singles and doubles on a bad knee only to aggravate my knee even more. Since coming back from Mexico I have not been able to move around too much and will be seeing a doctor this week. After a couple days of rest though I do feel some improvements and hope to get back out there in a couple of weeks.

Although losing is probably the worst feeling there is an upside, exploring the city. Special thanks to the Mendez family for hosting me and showing me the Mexico City and the 20 million people.

just showing how rich I am in pesos


Bookstore in the middle of a park

Palacio de Bellas Artes

Mexicans selling just about anything

The Mendez Family



– JJ



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