Kids Everywhere!!

After being in China for over a week I’ve just begun to notice the abundance of little kids running around. On the street, in the restaurant, at the hotel, at the mall, the little rugrats are everywhere! Does China not sell condoms? Or not practice safe sex? Maybe they just want all their kids to be Olympic money making sports machines at infant ages.

Won my first round of qualifying today. On to the next round tomorrow afternoon. Was happy to have such a big support group today.





– JJ


2 thoughts on “Kids Everywhere!!

  1. Isn’t there a one family one child rule in place? I hear all the rich families and bypass that law by paying money to the right people. There’s also an overwhelming number of boys, apparently, and the ratio of girls to guys has fallen quite a bit in the past decade or so…for reasons that are too abominable to post on your innocent web blog about tennis

    • Haha yeah. I think that rule is and should be in effect, but doesn’t appear to be. I know one China guy who has two kids. He told me when his wife was pregnant with their second child they had to hide her. But eventually they got a fine and had to pay a hefty fine. Some pretty crazy stuff going on in China. How are things going on your end? You on break yet?

      Going to catch up on your blog right now!


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