Phoenix – The Grand Canyon State

The Los Angeles rain (which happens once in a blue moon) on Monday decided to follow me to Phoenix or according to the rain, I was “supposedly” following it. Luckily by the time I played yesterday the rain decided it had enough of me and moved on.

Had a night match yesterday. I didn’t realize how tough night matches could be especially in the winter. First of all, my match was at 7 pm so staying warm, alert, and restful all day is pretty hard considering that I haven’t played many matches under the lights. And being that we are in the months of winter, playing in weather where you can see your own breath and steam coming out of your head is not the most ideal playing conditions. Nevertheless, I got through my match in one piece taking a 6-1, 7-5 decision. Have to thank my Phoenix crowd as well, my college friends: Sanjiv Rao, Noah Curham, and Dan Basil for hosting me this week and keeping me relaxed.

I always knew that Arizona had a lot of golf courses and tennis clubs, but in my short stay so far I am very much surprised in how many golf and tennis places there actually are. Arizona might be the new Florida. I was also amazed to see how wealthy the Scottsdale Phoenix area is. Bentley’s, BMW’s, Porsche’s, you name it roll around like nothing. Upscale dining seems to be on every corner. Maybe I’m just new to this whole Arizona thing, but it seems like this is the place to be now.

I have seriously lacked on the photos thus far, but I promise I will get on it.



– JJ



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