Pune is actually blowing my mind a little. The weather is near perfect here, except of course when playing at noon. The city is much more clean, more modernized, younger crowd, and many nightclubs (not that I would go during the week). Hard to believe that I have been in India for almost 2 weeks! I’m definitely getting the hang of things around India. I think I’m more accustomed to spicy foods which is a big plus here. But the place where I am staying this week has a Subway nearby. It’s funny how I would rather not eat Subway in the states, but when I saw this Subway by the hotel I was elated with joy. Never thought I’d appreciate Subway like that. Another exciting event that happened was watching Michigan Volleyball on ESPN in India! GO BLUE!

As for the tennis updates. I won two rounds in qualifying to make it to the main draw. Was supposed to play today (Monday), but the officials messed up on the seeds for the draw. So I was due to play the 4th seed, but now I will play the 6th seed. Good thing is I got a day of rest today and will play at 2:30 tomorrow. Ohh yeah the tennis facility for this tournament is unbelievable, it’s a resort for mostly Europeans. They’ve got the whole tiki hut paradise feel to the place. I’ve taken some pretty good pictures since the last update, some of friends and some scenery.




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