Day 7/8 India

My body took quite a beating yesterday. Wasn’t playing well at all in my match yesterday and to make it worse I was already feeling the heat by the start of the second set. I somehow managed to pull out the second set though. My body couldn’t take it anymore by that point. I felt like throwing up after every long point. After I lost serve at 1-2 everything went down hill. Giving my opponent threes more games I decided to retire b/c it was not worth the physical pain. Stopping early was no help as I started to feel pain in my neck and in a couple of hours my chest felt like someone punched me as hard as they could. Each breath was tougher than the last. I decided to move into my tennis buddies house, Jeevan just in case anything were to happen.

Woke up this morning feeling the same pain. So I went to see the local doctor here and he said I had a throat infection. He asked that I go to the hospital and run some tests on a treadmill to check my breathing and heart rate. Tests came back normal. I’m pretty sure I have bronchitis, not sure how that happened, but it has. Luckily I have antibiotics packed. I hope to feel better by Saturday so I can play the next tournament. Quite an experience so far!!

– JJ


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