Day 5 India

Hot! Hot! Hot!

The heat in India is in a totally different level than Florida. I need to towel myself off after every point I play. The worst is not being able to grip the racket properly because of all the sweat dripping down my hand. Won my second round though! 6-3, 6-0. I’m due to play a Spaniard tomorrow, hope that goes well.

Had quite an experience today. One of my tennis buddies here was taking me back to the hotel on his scooter and I must say I was a bit scared even though we weren’t going that fast. We zipped through traffic like it was nothing. Openings between cars, trucks, bicyclist, and scooters that seemed too narrow to fit through were somehow made through. Dividers for lanes are non-existent as everyone is trying to get ahead. Hopefully I don’t carry those habits when I get back to the states.

Well my match is at 9am tomorrow so gotta get some rest.


– JJ


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