Day 4 India

So I found out why most Indians wear sandals. B/C it’s so hot year round…can’t believe I didn’t get that one. And this tournament is being held during rain season because November is the coolest month of year, but I am still dumbfounded.

Last night I went to bed with great uncertainty that I wouldn’t be able to play my matches today, but when I woke up at 7 am the slightest curtain opening was blaring with light. I couldn’t have felt happier to play tennis. All would change once I got to the tennis courts. Clouds started to build again, looking ferocious as ever. Played one game and one point before it started to pour. Luckily I had brought my iPad that my mom let me borrow (thanks mom!).

After about and hour the clouds started to scatter and it took another hour for the courts to dry. At that point the humidity seemed to be at it’s peak and with the sun peaking in and out, it was hot! I have never sweated as profusely as I did today. Good thing my match went quick. The final score against Arpit: 6-0, 6-1. Was supposed to play another match today, but due to the delay from rain the tournament supervisor decided to play the remaining matches tomorrow.

Until tomorrow….



– JJ


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