Day 3 India

Torrential Rain.

That pretty sums up day 3 in India.

I did get to explore Chennai a bit more with the help of my college friend from U of Washington, Jeevan Nedun. We passed by numerous streets that were flooded with brown water. Driving through the streets brought back memories of The Universal Studios tour. In my three days so far I couldn’t help to notice that sneakers were not the main choice of footwear rather sandals were worn by almost all. Maybe sandals are for the rain season or maybe they are wallet friendly (as Evan King would say).

My first match is tomorrow at 9 am against Arpit Sharma. Only problem is the forecast for the weekend, 60% rain.

– JJ


3 thoughts on “Day 3 India

  1. Jason, my wife and I really miss seeing you play at U of M. You are phenomenal. Such a SMART player. Thanks for keeping this blog. It’s wonderful to get a chance to follow your progress!

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