India part 1

After over 23 hours of travel time, 6 movies, 4 mediocre plane meals, and babies crying nonstop I have finally made it to India safely. No one said traveling halfway across the country was easy. Glad I made it though.

My arrival to India has been nothing but negotiations so far. Getting a taxi to my hotel was quite a struggle, having to deal with countless people coming up to me asking if I need a ride or that their taxi service is better than the one across from their booth. Eventually I settled for a non-air-conditioned 1960’s throwback taxi cab, I guess that’s the Indian experience right?

Staying at my hotel has so far been a mess. The hotel somehow did not receive my confirmation (which I gladly showed my email reservation) and tried to make me pay in advance. After repeatedly showing them my confirmation they then tried to negotiate a price with me for the room. Now every time I go down to the lobby to ask for something the front desk workers look like they despise me.

I hope the rest of trip goes a little smoother. As for now I’m going to check out the tennis complex.

– JJ


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